By changing its management model, EUTOMATION-SCANSYS has decided to rely on its employees' creativity.

In 2015, the company launched an approach that places its employees at the heart of the company :

Staff are involved in decisions, in the life of the company and the business's success.

The company's organisational concept allows it to benefit from the knowledge within the company, operate with greater transparency and generate greater wellbeing at work.

Our aim is to build a stable, agile, creative and innovative business together with our employees. 



A business organisation that gives its teams as much freedom as possible, by taking collective decisions.

"The manager doesn't control, he facilitates,
he is there to serve his team"


Work is allocated to self-organised teams.

They assign the right expert to the right role and make collective, autonomous decisions.

"Our employees join with the company to consider change"


Free up initiative to enable everyone to make suggestions, to develop, to create …

Introduce a process of continuous improvement on every business level in order to constantly offer customised, quality services to all our partners.

"Putting innovation and wellbeing at the heart of the business"


A business organisation based on three key elements :

1. A business organised in "circles"
a more horizontal organisational structure

2. Dynamic company management
via collective decision-making and instantaneous feedback

3. A system of "collective intelligence" meetings
Groups come together, hold discussions and grow in creativity

"A business culture that promotes communication, trust and independence"


An open business with a climate of trust :
" He who does, knows "


Above all, we hope to develop a business culture based on trust, where wellbeing, autonomy and responsibility take pride of place.

This is why we have built our business on a collection of values by which every member of our team is guided when making daily décisions on behalf of the company.

Our ambition ?  Fully commit ourselves to creating a healthy future, not only for our company, but also for all our Partner, be they our colleagues, our customers or our suppliers.

Do you share our values ?  Join our team !

We support our employees, with a self-regulating environment that promotes autonomy, dialogue and discussion, in order to maintain a high level of motivation and innovation
We improve our know-how thanks to continuous development of new skills and implementation of new technologies
Cultivate respect and maintain honest and respectful relationships with all our partners
Develop sound relationships with our main customers, suppliers and Group members at the national and international level
Constantly offer quality services to all our partners
Make EUTOMATION-SCANSYS a better place